Wex provide high-end Photography and Video equipment – a market under attack from both the ubiquitous use of smartphone cameras and ease of online buying from Amazon.

Wex were following the hard-nosed retail tactics of better known competitors such as Jessops, with ever decreasing returns. A new positioning campaign alone would not be the solution. Wex needed a creative platform that would allow them to use content from Wex, their suppliers and customers in a distinctive way across digital and social channels, as well being adaptable for online and instore. No small task. And for an audience who love photography, we needed to let them know that Wex were on their wavelength.


The clue to solving their complex brief lay in their logo: a graphic of an aperture, the device that controls the light entering a camera. Capturing the light is at the heart of great photography. But to capture the light you need the right kit used in the right way. We wrote the positioning line:

Light reveals marvels. Wex helps you do it justice.

This put the quality of the advice back at the heart of their offering. It allowed them to demonstrate 'product' through our distinctive light graphics - which brought to life how capturing the light makes a great photograph.


Campaign has just gone live.